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M‘Album « RAIN » (Fuchsia / Codaex)  est toujours disponible! Refer to page Buy for all options. You might also enjoy the album in the upcoming.

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« Love for Sale » is Margeaux's first jazz album, a tribute to the great talents of jazz such as Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and Billie Holiday. Musicians: Romain Molist (piano), Nicolas Grammosenis (bass) and Jerome Villefranque (drums). Recorded in Paris, the album was mixed by Vincent Rouffiac and Mathieu Lechartier, then mastered by Vincent Villa and Rémi Sampic at Studio Soundies. The album was produced by Fuchsia Jazz and distributed by Hortus/Codaex. Available at FNAC and other stores, and online (, Amazon, Virginmega, CDBaby…).

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