Une des plus belles voix de jazz et gospel en France, la chanteuse américaine, Margeaux Lampley, a mené plusieurs vies: danseuse, étudiante, chanteuse de pop, avocate à Wall StreetAvec un diplôme de droit de l’Université de Columbia à New York, elle débute sa carrière comme avocate d’affaires internationale à New York, puis à Paris. Mais elle décide de tout arrêter pour se consacrer à la musique.

Très vite, elle collabore comme chanteuse-auteur-compositeur avec des groupes français aussi variés que les Marathonians (“Come on boy, come on girl”, signé chez Warner et reprise pour une campagne publicitaire mondiale Peugeot), Marc Collin (producteur Nouvelle Vague) et Funkaroma, before forming the Sodex group and released two singles, which became club hits.

Mais c’est dans le jazz où Margeaux découvre sa vraie voix, une voix généreuse et énergétique, qui a séduit la scène parisienne. En 2008, Margeaux propose un premier album Love for Sale, qui revisite les grands classiques de jazz et nous offre deux belles compositions personnelles, intimes et sensuelles. En 2012, elle sort un nouvel album Rain où on découvre notamment ses propres compositions, ainsi qu’une magnifique reprise de « The song of old lovers » de Brel. Elle fait appel au pianiste Olivier Hutman pour la direction artistique, les arrangements et de la réalisation de cet album.

Depuis 2012, Margeaux fait le tour d’Europe avec The 100 Voices of Gospel/Gospel pour 100 Voix et les Golden Voices of Gospel (basé en Allemagne).   Elle donne aussi des concerts et des ateliers pédagogiques pour enfants avec des thèmes comme Hommage à Michael Jackson et Hommage à la Pop.

En plus faire de la musique, Margeaux prête sa voix parlée et chantée à de nombreuses publicités, documentaires, films (doublage, narration), dessins animés et jeux vidéos.

Un nouveau projet d’album est en cours!!


One of the most beautiful voices in jazz and gospel in France, soulful singer Margeaux Lampley has lived several lives. Originally from Oakland, California, she has degrees from UCLA and Columbia Law School, but has also been a dancer, pop singer, actress and a Wall Street lawyer

After obtaining a law degree from Columbia and working for a renowned law firm in New York and then Paris, she left it all to to live the artist’s life in Paris, studying jazz and in no time establishing herself as a featured artist and backup vocalist for various French groups, including Marathonians, Les pétroleuses (producer of Nouvelle Vague), Bang Bang and Funkaroma. Her song “Come on girl, come on boy”, co-written with the Marathonians, was an international success, signed by Warner Music and used for a worldwide Peugeot publicity campaign. As part of the duo Sodex, she released two successful singles, including “Move Me”, featured on the soundtrack of the film “De battre mon coeur s’est arrêté”, in addition to compilations in France and throughout various parts of the world.

With her warm, intimate style, Margeaux is a regular on the Paris music scene and has been making a name for herself throughout France and Europe as a solo jazz artist and as a member of various gospel groups in France and Germany (The 100 Voices of Gospel, Liberty Gospel, Golden Voices of Gospel). As soprano leader and principal spokesperson and negotiator, she performed recently with The 100 Voices of Gospel as a finalist in the 2016 edition of Britain’s Got Talent, one of the largest and most well-known talent competitions in the world.

In 2008, she released her first solo jazz album, « Love for Sale », revisiting classics such as Love for sale, Lady is a tramp and Fly me to the moon. The album also gave us her version of the famed Serge Gainsbourg song, La Javanaise, as well as two of her own compositions, “Buildin’ Walls” and “Still in the mood”, a vibrant fusion of jazz, soul and bossa nova. A second album Rain was released in 2012, including 9 original compositions oscillating between jazz, pop, soul and latin music. A third album, a tribute to Michael Jackson, is currently being recorded and should be released in late 2016.

In addition to touring, Margeaux also proposes educational jazz concerts and workshops for children, initiating them to jazz music, transforming pop, rock and other styles of music into jazz. She performs regularly for the Sunday afternoon Jazz & Gouter series at the Sunset-Sunside Jazz Club in Paris, as well as for their innovative art/jazz improvisation series featuring an artist and a jazz group who improvise together. Outside of music, Margeaux’s voice can be heard in numerous commercials, documentaries, films and video games as a voiceover actress.

A new album project is in the works!!


Margeaux Lampley nació en New York pero creció en California y fue arrullada con en la música Gospel, Jazz y Soul y finalmente descubre en Francia nuevos sonidos e ideas.  Después de sus estudios en derecho en la Universidad de Columbia en New York ella comienza su carrera como abogada en asuntos  internacionales entre París y New York. Finally she decides to devote himself to music and enters the conservatory CIM in Paris and then to the Studio des Variétés. Rápidamente es invitada a colaborar como canta-autora y compositora en diversos grupos musicales franceses como los Marathonians, dando como éxito el titulo “Come on boy, come on girl” (el cual fue utilizado en una campana publicitaria mundial de Peugeot), Marc Collin Les Pétroleuses (productor de Nouvelle Vague, Les pétroleuses) and Funkaroma, Sodex before forming the group and make two simple discs, devoting as successes. The title "Move Me" was taken in compilations in France and around the world, así como en el soundtrack la película "The Beat That My Heart Skipped".

Margeaux goes to the Jazz and regularly in Parisian venues such as Sunset-Sunside Jazz Club, Petit Journal Montparnasse and festivals like Enghien-les-Bains Jazz Festival surrounded by talented musicians like the pianist Olivier Hutman, Alain Jean-Marie, Rocheman Manuel y Rémi Toulon, el saxofonista David Sauzay y el guitarrista Olivier Louvel.  En el 2008 produce su primer álbum como solista, “Love for sale” (Fuchsia / Codaex), en donde revisita los grandes clásicos de jazz. Para su nuevo álbum Rain, Margeaux nos ofrece 9 composiciones originales y tres clásicos que oscilan entre jazz, pop, soul and Latin music. Pianist Olivier Hutman took over the artistic direction, arranging and conducting Album. Con este segundo opus Margeaux Lampley nos invita a hacer un viaje músico-intercultural.


ニューヨーク生まれ、カリフォルニア育ち。幼少の頃からゴスペル、ジャズ、ソウルミュージックに囲まれて育つ。ニューヨーク、コロンビア大学で法律の学位を取得し国際弁護士として仕事を始めるも、心機一転。パリへ移住しCIMミュージックスクールとStudio des Varietesにてジャズを学ぶ。その後Marathonians, Marc Collins (Nouvelle Vague), Bang Bang, Funkaroma等フランスの様々なアーティストのバッキングコーラスや作詞・作曲も務める。著作”Come on girl, come on boy”は、プジョー車のPRキャンペーン曲に起用され世界的に注目を浴びる。またデュオ »Sodex”のメンバーとしても精力的に活動し、2つのシングルをリリースする。代表曲である”Move Me”は、映画De batter mon Coeur s’est arrêteのサウンドトラックとしてフィーチャーされる。
A warm and friendly style weapon, Margaux Sunset-Sunside Jazz Club, It becomes regular artist at Petit Journal Montparnasse, etc. Paris jazz scene. Enghien-les-bains Jazz Festival, etc., also participate in various jazz festivals of Europe, to obtain fame in Europe mainly in France soon. In addition, her band also great m, Alain Jean-Marie, Manuel Rocheman と Rémi Toulon, ダブルベースにBlaise Chevallier, Michel RosciglioneとPhilippe Brassoud, ドラムにThierry Chauvet, Olivier RobinとAndy Barron, テナーサックスとフルートにDavid Sauzay, そしてギターはOlivier Louvelが担当している。
2008年に自身初となるジャズアルバムLove For Saleをリリースし、そしてマルゴー本人が尊敬するElla Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Billie Holidayのスタンダードナンバーのオマージュともなっている。
今回のニューアルバム »RAIN »にはマルゴーのオリジナル曲を9曲、スタンダード曲を3曲収録。ジャズ、ポップ、ソウル、ラテンと、多彩なジャンルがミックスされたアルバムに仕上がっている。Anne Ducros, Stephy Haik, Clotilde Rullard, Denise King等数々の著名アーティストのアルバムアレンジャー兼プロデューサーでもあるピアニストのOlivier Hutmanがアレンジを担当、アーティスティックディレクターも務めている。新アルバム »RAIN »のパーソナルでスタイリッシュな音楽は聴く人を魅了してやまないだろう。

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